General information


You can buy tickets for NMN 2018 at the event only. The event begins at 9 am and lasts until 8 pm.

The ticket price is 8 € for adults, 5 € for children under 12 years. For children up to 7 years, entry is free.

The number of tickets is limited, so we recommend that you arrive as soon as possible!


There will be no special changing room, where you can change into your costume.We also do not have a special place to store your clothes.

We’ll provide “first aid” kit in the cases when a button falls of your costume or you have other problems with armor and prosthetic.

Warning! Real sharp weapons (swords, axes and katana) and working firearms (including airsoft guns and crossbows) are not permitted as part of your cosplay. Those items will be confiscated at the entrance to the convention hall.

Attention! Leaving personal items unattended in the convention hall is at your own risk!


Food and drinks will be sold in front of the main hall. We will also supply tables and benches where you will be able to eat, drink and rest.
Warning: Alcohol is not permitted in the convention hall.

What can you see at the event?

A comprehensive list of events in the small and large lecture room can be browsed in the program table. In addition to the lectures, round tables and cosplay competition, there will be a variety of shops and artists at the convention. They will be will be stocked with merchandise from various fields of fantasy and science fiction. On the links below, you can see an extensive list of exhibitors at the NMN convention.

How to get to the convention hall?


Gospodarsko razstavišče, Dunajska 18, Ljubljana

If you start from outside Ljubljana, the main railway and bus station are in the immediate vicinity. You are about a five minutes’ walk away from the venue.

Go underneath the railway overpass on Dunajska cesta and you will soon see the buildings of the convention center on your right.


Drive to the center of the city, to the crossroads called Bavarski dvor. Regardless of which direction you are coming from, you need to drive down Dunajska cesta under the railway overpass. Once the road under the railway overpass rises again, you will see the convention center on your right.

If you are coming to Ljubljana from the north, you will take Dunajska cesta directly to the venue from the back side.

Car park


Directly in front of the NMN venue is the LPP station “Gospodarsko razstavišče”, where the bus lines 3G, 6, 7, 7L, 8, 11, 12, 12D, 13, 14, 19B, 19I, 20 and 20Z stop.

If you are arriving by bus 22, get off at the Astra station and take a walk 300 meters down Dunajska cesta towards the city center.