Access to the Stebrna dvorana (name of the convention hall)

Access to the Stebrna dvorana (part of the Gospodarsko razstavišče convention complex), where the convention will take place, is possible only from the street Dunajska cesta in the driving direction from the Ljubljana city centre. You can drive in front of the entrance of the Stebrna dvorana by car or van and carry your items down the stairs into the hall. To transfer larger items, it is possible to go down the ramp located behind the building by car.


There is very limited parking around the entrance to the hall, so we recommend that you park your cars on nearby parking lots. Parking is free of charge on most surrounding roads on Saturdays. A number of paid parking lots is also located around the Exhibition Center, and their layout is shown on this page.

Preparations and decoration of the stall

On Friday, the day before the event, the NMN team will be preparing the venue for the event. If you have larger exhibits, would like to decorate you stall in advance, or think that preparing the booth will take more time, we invite you to join us in the afternoon after 3pm and prepare your designated space for the next day.

At the same time, we invite you to help us make the convention hall even more attractive to visitors. We will look forward to any poster, billboard or other structure that will further visually enrich the space.

Time of arrival and departure

On the day of the event (Saturday), the exhibition hall will be open from 7:00 am for exhibitors and for visitors from 9:00 am. The exhibitor’s latest arrival time is expected at 8:00 am, so you have plenty of time to set up your booth before the first visitors arrive.

The last program points at the event will be 7:30 pm, when you can start disassembling and clearing the booth. The event finishes at 8:00 pm for visitors. Your booth must be completely cleared by 9:00 pm as we are limited in time by hall rental.

Tickets delivery

Special tickets that are meant for all exhibitors at the convention can be picked upon arrival at the entrance to the convention hall. We encourage you to do this as soon as you arrive to help us with the recognizability of the exhibitors and their helpers.

Internet connection

All exhibitors in the main hall will have access to a wireless internet connection, which can be slightly slower in the case of multiple concurrent connections, and is intended solely for billing, downloading smaller files and other similar tasks (email, posts on social media). If you need a constantly strong connection to show videos, games or something similar, we offer an option of paid wired connection.

Electric plug

We will provide at least one standard Slovenian electric socket (type F) to all exhibitors who have selected an option to be connected to the electrical grid. In case you need more connections, we recommend that you bring an additional electrical plug divider with you.

Additional information

In the week before the event, you will receive those and additional information to the email address provided in the registration form. It will include information about the location and layout of your booth, the location and time of your program, and any other relevant information.

In the case of any additional questions, suggestions or comments, we look forward to your call or message!

We are always accessible electronically at the following email address

Exhibitors can also contact us directly through the following mobile numbers:
Shops: 040 943 248 (Klemen)
Artists: 031 892 389 (Manca)
Societies: 041 889 344 (Matic)