NMN Hall of Fame

As the convention itself, the cosplay competition has changed and developed over the years to the current level, where the best individuals have the opportunity to compete with the best rated costumes from other countries in the scope of the international competition.

In this article, we briefly summarize the history of cosplay at the NMN convention and emphasize individuals and societies that helped to develop the competition. Of course, we did not forget all the previous winners that are presented in a chronological order.

Best costumes so far

For the first two years, the cosplay competition was executed on a much smaller scale. There were no different categories and awards were given only for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The jury consisted of members from various fantasy and science fiction societies: KUD Šmaug, Gil-galad, KUD Ampus and representatives of Makkon. Starting in 2016, we introduced some changes to cosplay competition – permanent categories and jury that consists of three cosplayers or experts in costume design, makeup and special effects. One member of the jury is always part of the organizing team (KUD Šmaug), the second member is the winner from the previous year, and the third one is a foreign guest. In 2018 we added the award for best cosplay as voted by the visitors and joined the International cosplay competition.

Gallery of the winning costumes
category Armour: Geralt of Rivia (Witcher)
category SFX and mask: Jester (Critical role)
category Seewing: Lady Maria (Bloodborne)
category Wardrobe cosplay: Harley Quinn (DC)
category Visitors favourite: Blood Moon Tyrande (World of Warcraft)
special mention of the jury: Harry Potter Group (Harry Potter movies)
Best in Show: Blood Moon Tyrande (World of Warcraft)

Gallery of the winning costumes
category Movie: Mantis (Marvel)
category Game: Dragon Symmetra (Overwatch)
category Book: Winter Solider (Marvel)
category Original costume: Pop art comic characters
category Group mask: Mario Family (Mario game)
category Visitors favourite: Mantis (Marvel)
Best in Show: Corvo Attano (Dishonored 2)

Gallery of the winning costumes
category Movie: Overseer of the Floor Guardians Albedo (Overlord)
category Game: Chaos sorcerer of Slaanesh (Warhammer Fantasy)
category Book: Talon (DC Universe)
category Original costume: Valkyra
category Group mask: Poison Ivy and Joker (DC Universe)
Best in Show: Retronaout

category Movie: Legolas (Hobit)
category Game: Chell (Portal 2)
category Original costume: Evelyn
category Group mask: Rey, Kylo Ren and Han Solo (Star Wars)
Best in Show: Sylvanas Windrunner (World of Warcraft)

category Fantasy: Liliana Vess (Magic the Gathering)
category Science fiction: Nux (Mad Max: Fury Road)
category Group mask: Steampunk pair
Best in Show: Borg (Star Trek)

1. place: Orka (Lord of the Rings)
2. place: Elspeth (Magic the Gathering)
3. place: Nightingale (Skyrim)
Honourable mention: Game of Thrones group mask

1. place: Nazgul (Lord of the Rings)
2. place: Morgana (League of Legends)
3. place: Demon Huntress (Diablo III)