General terms and conditions of participation at the convention define the relations between the exhibitor and the organizer of the fair. Together with the electronic exhibitors application form, they form a contract of participation at the Na meji nevidnega (hereinafter NMN). The general conditions of participation at the convention include:

1. General provisions

The general conditions of participation are binding the organizer society Šmaug (hereinafter referred to as the organizer) and the participating exhibitors at the convention Na meji nevidnega 2019 (hereinafter NMN). The electronic application form is at the same time a legally binding and irrevocable contract concluded by the organizer and the participants at the NMN event. The participants have to submit it within the specified deadline. The organizer will not take into account applications with reservations.

By submitting the electronic application, the participant acknowledges and accepts this general conditions of participation. The organizer reserves the right to decide on the acceptance of the participant, his products and services at the event.

The organizer reserves the right to reject applications received after the application deadline. The contract will be deemed to be concluded once the organizer has confirmed the application and the participant has paid an amount of at least 50% of the value of the exhibition space as an ara. Ara is included in the price of the exhibition space and, if canceled, not returned to the participant.

All the prices include VAT.

2. Application for the convention

Application for participation at the convention must be submitted exclusively through the attached online electronic form. Upon confirmation of the application by the organizer, the exhibitor has 15 days for the objections and for payment of the ara or total amount of the lease. After this deadline and the payment of ara or full amount, the contract between the parties is finally concluded. The exhibitor must send promotional material (photographs and the logo of the exhibitor, if any, and the accompanying text), which is suitable for publication in the fair brochure and on the website of the convention.

3. Use and analysis of personal information

Participants at the event allow the organizer to process their data for the purpose of the event. The organizer undertakes to store the data of a participant and protect them in accordance with the regulations. The invoices and any other documentation related to the participation at the event shall be kept by the organizer. The organizer can use the information provided by the exhibitor/participant for:

  • conducting business with the exhibitor;
  • sending offers and promotional messages (by post, e-mail or telephone) that are connected with the event to the exhibitor;
  • information and advertisements before, during and after the event;
  • statistical analysis;
  • market research and polls;
  • updates to organizer databases.

4. Allocation of the exhibition space

The exhibitors can be domestic or foreign participants whose exhibits correspond to the theme of the event. Commercial agents and importers can exhibit items from the companies they represent. The acceptance of the exhibitor to the event and the allocation of the exhibition space is decided by the organizer, who arranges the exhibition space in the best interest of the event. Exhibitors can express their wishes when choosing a location at the event, but the organizer does not guarantee that they will be able to fulfill those wishes. The priority is given to larger exhibits who buy larger packages. Any change in the allocation of an exhibition space must be approved by the organizer. The organizer can move exhibits and make other changes on the exhibition space. The organizer has the right to change the exhibition space or its arrangement even after the exhibition space has been given to the participant, but he has to have a legitimate reason for such a drastic measure.

5. Cancelation of the application and contract

Cancellation of participation must be done in writing (regular or electronic mail), indicating the date of the cancellation. If the participant terminates this application and the contract, he must pay:

  • 50% of the stand price if the cancelation is done more than 30 days before the start of the event;
  • 100% of the stand price if the cancelation is done less than 30 days before the start of the event;

If the exhibitor does not attend the event for any reason, the organizer can allocate the exhibition space to another user.

6. Payment

The participant undertakes to pay for participation at the event (lease of exhibition space, registration fee and promotional activities) according to the prices agreed and specified in the application. After confirming the application, the organizer will issue an invoice to the participant, which must be paid in full (the total amount) within the specified period. The payment is a prerequisite for participation at the event. The organizer undertakes to issue invoices in accordance with the positive legislation. In the case of a delayed payment, the organizer can charge additional interests. Participants may object to the invoice in writing within 8 days after the receipt of an invoice.

7. Cancelation of the application

The organizer has the right to refuse or annul the application and contract in the following cases:

  • if the application was submitted after the deadline;
  • if the exhibitor does not settle the invoice within the time limit set by these terms;
  • if the applicant is in the settlement, bankruptcy or liquidation process at the time of the application;
  • if the organizer has any open claims of previous events (applies to all events in the organizer’s domain);
  • if the products or services that are to be exhibited at the event do not correspond to the theme of the event;
  • if the exhibitor fails to submit the documents (section 12) at the request of the organizer.

8. Time and place of the event

If the event has to be shifted in time, shortened or extended, and if it has to be moved to another location, the participants have no right to cancel cooperation or to claim damages.

9. Technical conditions

The exhibitor must not place an exhibit outside allocated space. The dismantling space must be prepared in accordance with general safety. All disputed items will be removed by the organizer at their sole discretion and at the expense of the exhibitor.

The organizer does not provide the possibility of erecting technically very demanding stalls. In order to avoid possible problems, we recommend that the exhibitor agrees with the organizer prior to the construction of the exhibition.


If the exhibition exceeds height of 2.50 m, the exhibitor must obtain the written approval of the organizer. The plans of such an exhibition construction must be submitted to the organizer at least 20 days before the event.


The organizer undertakes to provide access to the wireless Internet connection and connection to the electricity network. Cables have to be provided by the exhibitor himself. If the exhibition contains gadgets with a greater electricity consumption, the organizer must be notified at least 30 days before the event. The connection will be charged to the exhibitor according to the valid price list of the provider of the exhibition space Gospodarsko razstavišče družba za organizacijo domačih in mednarodnih sejmov in razstav d.o.o.

10. Assembly and disassembly

The exhibitor undertakes to put up his stand during the planned assembly time and to clean it during the dedicated disassembly time. Assembly is possible the day before the event from 3 to 5 pm, and on the day of the event from 7 to 9 am. Disassembly is performed on the day of the event between 7:30 and 9 pm.


If the arranged disassembly time is exceeded, the organizer is entitled to disassemble the exhibition space at the expense and risk of the exhibitor. Upon completion of the dismantling, the exhibitor must return the provided space to its original condition. Otherwise, the exhibitor is obliged to reimburse the organizer for the cause damage.


The manager of the convention space, the Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o., will provide  undamaged equipment (chairs, tables, partitioning walls, audio-visual devices). If the exhibitor notices a mistake or damage before the start of the event, he must inform the organizer. Otherwise the exhibitor will be charged for the damaged equipment.


The exhibitor is obliged to separate the waste into provided bins. The exhibitor must not remove the exhibit before the official end of the event. Exhibitors may leave the exhibition prematurely only on the basis of written permission given by the organizer.

11. Guarantee and insurance

The organizer is not responsible for damage, loss, destruction, or alienation of the exhibitor or his contractor (exhibits, equipment and other), their staff and third parties, as well as for damage to the exhibitor or his contractor, their staff and third parties, resulting from fire, storm, hail, lightning, fracture, water spillage, theft, or any other cause. The organizer shall not be liable for any damage, loss, destruction or theft and damages to third parties caused by the exhibitor or his contractor. Exhibitor has to provide appropriate insurance at his own expense.


Exhibitor or his contractor shall be liable for damage and accident caused by himself or his staff to the organizer and/or to a third party at the exhibition venue.


The organizer does not provide any guarantee for the vehicles left by the exhibitor, his employees or contractors at the designated parking lots of the venue.


There is no guarantee for insufficient or missing entries in the fair brochure (eg typographical errors, design errors, incorrect translations, or omitted entry, etc.).


The exhibitor can not lease the allocated exhibition, advertising or promotional space, or its part to a third person. In the case of a violation, the organizer reserves the right to additionally charge the exhibitor 100% of the price of the allocated exhibition, advertising or promotional space.

12. Presentation and copyrighted music

The exhibitor must notify and submit an accurate program of presentations (for example, promotion, prize game, own organized event, etc.) in the exhibition space or on the stage (by prior arrangement) to the organizer for prior confirmation and reconciliation no later than 8 days before the event. The organizer is entitled to limit or prohibit presentations that cause noise, dust, leakage of gas or gas, even if the approval was already issued in written form prior to the event. Presentations can take place exclusively at the allocated exhibition space of the exhibitor.


All presentations at the exhibition spaces must be conducted in accordance with the Law on Offenses against Public Order and Peace. The allowed maximum volume in the halls during the event is 60 dB. The exhibitor must organize all copyright claims (SAZAS) for his own appearances. The exhibitor undertakes to pay all claims for compensation for the use of copyrighted works, which, as organizer of the event, must pay to collecting societies operating in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, in accordance with the applicable legislation (Article 159 of ZASP), for the broadcast of live music (public appearances).

13. Exhibitor’s activities and documents

The organizer has the right to request the following certificates from the exhibitor:

  • craft permit or a similar permit that certifies that the exhibitor is eligible to carry out an activity;
  • the appropriate certificate of the health and veterinary inspectorate if the exhibitor performs trade in foodstuffs and general use items or catering activity at the event.

The organizer has the right to cancel the participation (appearance) of the exhibitor at the event, if he fails to submit the requested documents and/or certicates.

14. Photography and drawing

The organizer has the right to take photographs, drawings, recordings or capture in any other way the exhibition space and exhibited objects. Gathered material can be used for their personal use, promotions or for general use. The exhibitor waives all copyright claims.

15. Cleaning  of the exhibition space

The organizer takes care of the cleaning of the fair ground and corridors in the halls. Cleaning of an exhibition spaces is a duty of every exhibitor, and can be taken over by the organizer or its contractor at the expense of the exhibitor. The exhibitor is obliged to properly separate all waste (glass, packaging, organic waste and paper) into the dedicated trash bins in the hall. If the trash is not properly separated, the organizer can punish him and transfer possible costs of additional separation and inspection charges. Garbage collection is organized by the organizer.

16. Court

The organizer and the participants will settle all disputes by mutual consent. If the agreement could not be reached, the Ljubljana court has jurisdiction to resolve the dispute.

17. Organizer warning

We ask all participants to consult with the organizer about the implementation of additional convention content that could hinder other participants in the event.