NMN offers you an exhibition space for promoting your ideas, selling products and finding new business opportunities in the area of comics, film, books and games.

In 2017 we hosted 2.000 visitors at NMN! Together with the media sponsor this year, we are preparing an even bigger and more recognizable event.

To apply for a stall, please contact us via mail:

NMN 2018 - Informations for exhibitors


Participating at NMN 2018 is an excellent opportunity to present your society or community to our visitors, attract new members, bring your hobbies to the wider crowd, and, of course, have fun in a pleasant geek company!

Sign in to participate with a stand, organize a workshop, or prepare a lecture for the visitors. We will reward your participation with free event tickets!

Access to the main Hall
You can reach the entrance of the main hall by car or by van. Just next to the hall there is also free parking available until the capacity is filled.

Time of arrival and departure
The hall will be open for exhibitors from 7:00, for visitors from 9:00 onwards. The latest arrival time for exhibitors is 8:00, so you have enough time to prepare the stand accordingly before the arrival of the first visitors.

The last points of the program at the event will be at 19:00, when you can start taking your stand down. The event closes at 20:00 for visitors, and your stand must be completely packed by 21:00.

In the week before the event, you will receive a package to the address of your company. It will contain coupons that you can exchange for your special tickets at the event. In addition, it will include information about the location and layout of your stand, the location and time of your program, and additional information.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, we will be delighted with your call or message!

Mitja Bosnič
(rent, location, stand)

041/737-794  |

Rebeka Žerovnik
(technical support)

040/886-727  |