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Ori Cosplay International

Ori is a graphic designer from Serbia who bumped into cosplay viral fame by accident, playing with a spicy version of Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan). Through the years he placed himself among the world stars of cosplay, staying true to his tradition of subjecting every character he cosplayed to his vision – from Dante (DMC4) to Captain America (MARVEL), even at 40, every time he shows up and shows off in his theatrical manner, fun is intertwined with important social messages Ori Cosplay International Uses his platform for.

FB: AVATAR.designs
Instagram: BNaumovski
Twitter: BNaumovski

Pixie Padlock

Pixie is a living proof that talent will always shine through, no matter the circumstances you’re put in. Starting off as a closet-cosplayer and using her insane makeup skills into “trying out” a character, Pixie gave us attitude, skill and a lot of sass through a wide array of looks she portrayed on her social networks. From fiery demons and fluttery angel OCs, through Impeccable Persephone (Lore Olympus), Pixie is eyeing a worthy “opponent” in God of Mischief himself, Loki. And with her skill, god is truly a befitting look on her.

FB: PixiePadlock
Instagram: PixiePadlock
Twitter: PixiePadlock

Marija Morticia Cosplay

From earliest days of her cosplay career, Marija Morticia became a beacon for one of the most ostracized cosplay community members – plus size cosplayers. Where beauty meets talent, Marija’s most famous cosplays came to be: from Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), to Rose (Steven Universe), Marija showed that charisma will always rise to the top first. A smile is unbecoming to her rendition of Lady Dimitrescu (Resident Evil: Village), but you can expect her to always happily meet a fan rather than lose her cheery attitude in characterization.


This year’s guest judge of the cosplay competition is Kenus Cosplay, from neighboring Austria, a cosplay master since 2015. At the convention, he will also lead a cosplay props making workshop.

FB: Kenus Cosplay
Instagram: Kenus Cosplay
Youtube: Kenus Cosplay


Lonely Wolf J

Sem LonelyWolfJ – Jan Strmšek. S cosplay izdelavo s eukvarjam že od leta 2015 in v tem času izdelal okoli 10 kostumov.  Zase in za naročnike sem izdelal že preko 300 različnih rekvizitov in skulptur. Zanima me 3D tisk na smolo in plastiko.

Tekmoval sem že na različnih cosplay tekmovanjih v Sloveniji (NMN, Mofucon/Makkon, Anime) ter v tujini (Fumetti per gioco, Aninite, HanamiCon, VieCC) in slavil zmago tako v Sloveniji kot tujini.
Mnogi me poznajo preko cosplayev Geralt/Witcher , Storm Trooper, Iron Man in Reaper.

FB: Lonely Wolf J
Instagram: Lonely Wolf J

Shikasu Cosplay & Photography

Austrian cosplayer and photographer.

Instagram: Shikasu Cosplay